Social media needs an ongoing strategy to be an effective marketing tool that converts lookers into buyers. The goal is to build a loyal following with relevant content, engage followers and convert them into business.

We help you build a loyal crowd of followers and then go beyond where other agencies go by interacting with your customers, engaging them and designing strategies to convert them.


Relevant and genuine content is key in social media. You must give your customers a reason to follow you. We will work with you to develop authentic, relevant content. We then broadcast this content through various platforms and direct-response advertising, utilizing “click funnels” to begin a two-way conversation. We continually analyze, refine and report our findings to ensure you are maximizing your ROI.


In an over-simplifed fashion, here is how we manage social media across various platforms:

Facebook Icon

Facebook: Build custom audiences using relevant content, promoted page campaigns and lead magnets and then track conversion rate.

Twitter IconTwitter: Through custom lead generation and promoted accounts, we can drive leads or sales.

Instagram IconInstagram: Target users based on their activity on Instagram and Facebook and build categories around those interests.

Early adopters are  achieving 9%+ revenue creation, 26% impact to profitability, aNd 12%  market valuation - MIT Sloan and Capgemini

YouTube Icon

YouTube: Develop a brand channel as well as video and mobile ads that target specific customer profiles.

LinkedIn IconLinkedin: There are a number of ad options, lead accelerator and relevant groups that allow us to effectively boost B2B leads.

Pinterest IconPinterest: Develop strategic Pinterest Business Account and utilize Promoted pins and ads to effectively drive traffic.

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