Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is constantly changing as search engines continually refine their search algorithms in order to provide better search results. Having a team that can monitor and adapt to these changes is critical to your business.

According to Google research, 90% of internet users are searching for a business. The consumer is in charge – they know what they want and they have a good idea of where they can find it. Google, in an attempt to make those searches easier, makes hundreds of updates to its algorithms every year. Our job is stay abreast of those changes and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you not only continue to rank high, but through our unique strategies, engage your best prospects.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO


We dive into the websites, landing pages, and social media sites of your competitors so you know exactly what they are doing. WebInsight then takes this analysis to a whole new level by also revealing actual search terms or phrases being used by consumers seeking your products or services. If your competition isn’t aware that consumers are using specific search phrases, the “pay-per-click” for these keywords can be dirt cheap and give you the competitive edge. They cost less than obvious keywords – and the specific nature of the search means the consumer is a hot lead whose attention needs to be captured, engaged and converted.

We can greatly reduce your digital ad spend by utilizing our WebInsight program.

SEO is just part of the puzzle. It is an important part, however our overall successful strategy is to bring together your SEO, social media, digital ad buy, landing pages and email campaign drips so they are all working together with a common goal – to attract, engage and convert internet users.

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