What is a brand? It is what people think of you – it is what they say about you when you are not in the room. Your brand identity represents your company, the vision and mission of your enterprise, how it treats customers and conducts its business.

How is your brand conveyed? It is the name, symbol, colours, design or other features that identifies what your business sells and how you distinguish yourself from your competitors. It represents your values, core competencies and your purposes. It evokes an emotion, a connection, trust.

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More and more consumers, especially millenials and young adults, value brands they can trust. Therefore, brand awareness is essential to building loyalty, eliminating commoditization and reducing price comparison.

Following are five steps to building a strong brand online:

1. Strong Foundation

If you don’t know who you are or where you are going you will get nowhere. The effectiveness of your marketing hinges on having clear, measurable objectives, knowing your target audiences and knowing how to reach those audiences (where they go online for information, where they gather, what online platforms they follow).

2. Online Presence

The permanent online home for your brand is your website. It is the hub for all your activity and all digital roads will lead to your site. Having a responsive and easy-to-navigate site speaks to your brand promise of ensuring every customer has a good experience. It is also critical to maintain consistency with imagery, typography, language and tone with all touch points with your customers.

3. Relevant Content

Content rules when it comes to engaging your customers and having them trust your brand. Relying on 50% off coupons to attract customers is a tiring struggle to gain any kind of loyalty among your customers. Rather than drive business through price cuts, use relevant content to build a loyal following – consumers who relish the information/advice you provide and develop a lasting relationship with your business.

4. Get Social

A high percentage of internet users are following social media and so it is critical for your brand to be where consumers are gathering. Social sites are entrenched in our daily lives and easily accessible for business to communicate with their key audiences. Important considerations include choosing the platforms that attract your ideal customer, plan your posts and co-ordinate them with other marketing activities, don’t be afraid to republish older content, and engage those who are active and willing to promote your brand.

5. Be Seen

Online advertising has the advantage of targeting your ideal customer, to have ads show up in their online searches, getting their attention, providing an offer that encourages them to take the next step which is to engage with your brand. Again, the strength of your brand identity and awareness, will make it easier for the consumer to decide if they want to engage with you and to leave their contact information.

After all, that is the missing piece in most online strategies today – the ability to engage, track and convert viewers into buyers. Your brand and how you communicate with potential customers makes your conversion efforts much easier.

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