Saved for Later: How to Record a Webinar

Posted Aug 6th, 2019

You may only be able to sit through a good webinar once, but with video recording, you can experience it over and over.

Read up on how to record a webinar below.

Step 1: Download A Screen Recorder

There are various screen recording tools in the market, such as Snagit. There are other applications that are more excellent in video editing power such as Camtasia. This apps allows you to record and edit your video after you are done recording it.

Step 2: Set Up Your Recording

Whichever app you decide to use, the first step is opening your browser and navigating through to your webinar. If you are using Snagit, select the video tab. After that, select the red capture button and use the crosshairs present to select the area you would like to do your recording. The area is not fixed, you can edit your selected area as much as you would like.

You can even edit the full screen. Turn the audio icon in the video toolbar. It appears as a green icon.

Turning this icon means that the video you are recording will be able to capture sound as well. In the absence of the green icon, turn the audio system on. In case you would like to record your voice, turn on the microphone.

Step 3: Recording the Webinar

Once you are done, click the recording button to start recording your webinar. When using Snagit, the recording starts after a countdown of three seconds. Avoid moving your browser or the tabs because webinar will record everything along with it.

Once the webinar is done, click the stop button. You can as well use hotkeys to control what gets recorded by the webinar.

Step 4: Editing Your Webinar

If you are using Snagit, there is Snagit Editor that will allow you to preview your video. Previewing the video will allow you to edit in. For instance, you can cut out unwanted sections.

How to record a webinar on mac: you can use Control-Shift-V to be able to stop the recording. If you would like to pause or resume, you press Control-Shift-Space.

How to record a webinar on windows: you can stop your recording by pressing Shift + F10. If you would like to pause the recording or resume, press Shift + F9.

How to Record a Webinar

Here are the options on how to record a webinar:

  • Pre-recorded video clips: in this option, you can be able to integrate videos you have recorded before into your webinar presentation.
  • Off-Site events: in this option, you can break a long webinar into mini ones that you release on request. You allow these videos to appear in your recording as part of the new recording. You could record the speaker and repackage the entire representation.
  • Screen sharing: in this option, the speaker shares the screen in the slide area. It allows them to show new key product features.

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