Trends in Digital Marketing That Will Reshape Marketing Tactics in 2019

Posted Jul 9th, 2019

This year marks the first time that companies will spend more on digital marketing than traditional marketing.

It's no secret that a great digital marketing strategy is an important and necessary addition to any modern company's arsenal. But many small businesses lack the funds needed to compete with industry leaders.

You can still get a leg up. Keep up with these trends in digital marketing and future-proof your next marketing campaign.


Your business is always on your mind. But, at some point, you have to go home for the day.

In most instances, that means that you'll be away from your social media channels and website. While you're taking a well-deserved break, why not let someone else handle customer questions?

Chatbots are the newest way companies are engaging with their audience. These impressive AI programs can answer most basic questions your audience might ask.

They can give directions, provide your contact information, and even complete sales.

Adding a chatbot to your website now is a fantastic investment. Forecasts show that the market will reach 1.25 billion dollars by 2025, so you can expect to see these little bots everywhere.

Video Content

In the past, we've talked a lot about how you can use content marketing to build relationships, increase conversions, and boost your search ranking.

Although blog content is still a sure thing, you'll need to expand your marketing strategy to include video content, as well.

Studies show that audiences love video content. By 2022, 82% of all IP traffic will be video content.

For an easy way to jump into video content, start by repurposing old blog posts.

Voice Search Integration

Hey Siri, why is voice search one of the biggest digital marketing trends today?

Voice assistants make finding information quick and easy. But to keep up with this growing trend, you'll need to rethink your SEO strategy.

When choosing keywords, always consider how it translates as a voice query.

In many instances, this means phrasing keywords as questions or using location-based keywords. Keywords should be natural, several words long, and grammatically sound.

Narrative Marketing

Today's customers are more resistant to marketing than ever. To capture your audience's attention, you'll need to show off your brand's personality.

Narrative content is one of the best ways to do that, as it puts the people in the foreground and the product in the background.

Testimonials are a great example. They're still ultimately about a product or service. But seeing someone explain how a company made a difference in their life makes the ad much more personal.

People respond to emotion. Using it in your marketing is a surefire way to improve your content.

Keep up with These Trends in Digital Marketing

Keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing by adding these digital marketing tips to your repertoire. Each of the four tips listed above is showing quite a bit of promise, both in the present and future.

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