4 Simple Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty with Email Marketing

Posted Jun 20th, 2019

Despite the break-neck pace at which online content is evolving, email has remained as the old pro in the room. It has been a marketing staple for over two decades.

Email is still an extremely cost-effective way to engage and increase customer loyalty. So here are 4 simple ways to make your email strategy even stronger.

Focus and Personalize

Broadly worded emails don't engage your customers because they come across as spammy and impersonal. Knowing your customer is key.

Creating automated groups based on your customer data can be a vital weapon in your arsenal. With factors like age, location, purchase history, and gender, you can divide your customers into groups to tailor your emails. This can dramatically increase your open rates.

Adding a "Thank You" follow up email goes a long way as well. Adding personal touches like signing the email from an important member of your company (even the CEO) makes your customer feel valued.

Increase Customer Loyalty through Incentives!

A tried and true method of customer retention is the creation of a rewards program. With email marketing, you can welcome customers to new tiers the more they qualify.

Having levels like silver, gold, etc create privileges within your business. An email reminder about unused points or the perks of occupying a certain tier keep your brand top of mind to your customer.

You can also alert them to points, vouchers and gift cards that may be expiring soon. This prompts your customers to buy sooner than they would.

Referral programs have massive potential as well. If you incentivize your customer's ability to bring you new customers, they're essentially becoming an evangelist for your brand and it costs you nothing. These incentives can be as simple as a special discount or exclusive product only available through referrals.

Get Interactive

Emails that elicit a response will keep your customers much more aware than simple promotions. Ask for feedback after a purchase. This makes them feel a part of your brand.

You should also consider implementing polls, games, and quizzes because they increase customer engagement. These are not only fun but gather valuable customer data that can be used in future marketing endeavors.

Also, try adding a live social media feed to the side of your email to show that your email is current and not some paint-by-numbers ad that was written months ago.

Don't Forget About Those Inactive Customers

Inactive customers have already purchased from you at least once. Re-igniting their interest in your brand is much easier (and less expensive) than rustling up new ones. This can be accomplished on the back of your loyalty programs.

Remind them why their perks matter and how to use them. Make sure they know how valuable their status is. This gives an air of exclusivity.

In addition, sending birthday emails with discounts can increase retention. Just because they've been absent doesn't mean they're forgotten.

Email is Here to Stay

It's easy to get distracted by shiny videos and the newest social app, but don't forget about email. It's the veteran player on your bench to increase customer loyalty!

Refining your email marketing is an important tool in your digital marketing strategy so let us help you level up!

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