Get Ahead: 9 of the Hottest Trends Hitting the Marketing Industry in 2019

Posted Jun 11th, 2019

Whether you're a business owner, social media manager or in-house marketing expert, you might think you have mastered all the marketing strategies. But there's a huge chance your marketing knowledge isn't as up to date as you think.

The marketing industry is constantly evolving, and, in order for a business to thrive, they need to implement the newest strategies into their marketing plan.

Every time you turn around, technology and algorithms are adapting to new audiences and behaviors. And it's your job to know what trends are worth investing your knowledge in.

Read on to learn about the nine marketing trends that you and your clients can't afford to miss out on in 2019.

1. Visual Search

Pinterest, Google, Amazon, and Bing have implemented new technology to allow visual searching to work its way into the market. Instead of focusing all of your time and energy on keywords, start devoting part of your strategy to high-quality visuals.

2. Influencer Marketing

Consumers want to buy products from people they trust, and influencer marketing is the best way to provide your consumers with that relationship. Influencer relationships are like capitalizing on word of mouth advertising, and you can reach a large audience by working with the right, local influencers.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is continuing to grow, and you can either fight it thrive with it. From analyzing consumer data to targeting potential leads to customer service bots, AI is making its mark on the industry. What used to take days, or even weeks, to analyze now only takes a few minutes.

4. Chatbots

This nifty tool can save you and your clients time by answering simple questions that consumers have. It also encourages communication when customers are anxious to call or don't have enough time to talk on the phone.

5. Video Marketing

More than half of consumers claim that watching product videos makes them more confident in their purchase. So, go live on Facebook, make catchy IGTV segments and be creative with your company's YouTube channel.

6. Voice Search

Let's face it, voice search is like having your very own digital assistant right in your pocket. This trend provides an intimate conversation that short keywords and search engines could never master. Because of this, the strategy for voice search should be much different from that of your typical SEO strategy.

7. Engaging Content

There's no surprise that content is essential in the world of digital marketing. It's an essential part of search engine optimization and building brand awareness. But, it's time to start thinking outside the box and take your content to the next level by creating articles and videos that inspire your audience and give them something to share with their friends and family.

8. Personalization

Despite AI and automated marketing taking off, it's important to personalize your digital marketing strategies to your consumers as much as possible. Think about how every time you log on to Netflix there's a list of shows and movies catered specifically to your interests.

Consumers want an experience as opposed to the same vanilla strategies they're seeing with other companies.

9. Don't Forget About Gen Z

You've spent the last decade and a half focusing on millennials and their buying habits, but now it's time to give some of your love to the next generation. Gen Z makes up a whopping 27% of the population, and they're starting to enter the workforce, which means they're becoming the next consumers.

Dive Into The Marketing Industry

Now that you know about all the new tricks and secrets of the 2019 marketing industry, it's time to incorporate some, or all, of these into your current strategy. Your company will be thriving before you know it.

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