5 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Posted Apr 18th, 2019

5 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

The average website conversion rate is between 2% and 3%, depending on the industry. That's the global average of web visitors who become paying customers.

However, some website conversion rates are as high as 10% or more. Imagine if you could double your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, or from 2% to 4%.

In this article, we'll cover five simple website conversion strategies for making this happen.

1. Simplify Your Conversion Goal

What is your primary website conversion goal? It should be one simple action which your users can easily figure out and act on.

Modern neuroscientists define indecision as the "repeated consideration of multiple alternative possibilities." Plainly put, the more alternatives a person has, the less likely they are to make a decision.

You can solve this problem by simplifying your website conversion goal and making it as easy as possible for your visitors to act on.

2. Make Your Actionable Items Stand Out

Your actionable items (i.e., buy now buttons, add to cart buttons and/or subscription forms) should be easy to find. These items may be easy for you to find, but not for someone who has never visited your website.

For example, if your website colours are black, grey and white, make your subscribe button bright green or orange. The more your actionable items stand out, the more likely your visitor is to find them and act on them.

3. Customize and Personalize Your Message Whenever Possible

Nearly 80% of consumers are more likely to respond to personalized content.

You can personalize content for your subscribers by using their name or their stage in the buyer's journey. You can personalize your website content for customers using their past buying behaviours.

You can also create a buyer persona to make your general website messages more relevant for your first-time visitors.

Online technology makes all of this custom content tailoring possible, making it an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

4. Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly

Website conversion rates for smartphones are statistically lower than website conversion rates for laptops and tablets. Why is this?

About 60% of mobile users blame this reluctance to buy on one of the following three factors:

  • Difficulty navigating the website
  • Difficulty seeing product details
  • Difficulty inputting their details

Want more conversions? Make the above three things easier for your mobile visitors.

Customers are 74% more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site and 57% more likely to recommend such a website to a friend.

5. Increase Your Website's "Trust Signals"

About 77% of website visitors worry whether their personal information will be secure with your company. This is why you should do everything you can to give them peace of mind about doing business with you.

For example, trust badges can increase website conversion rates; so can links to positive, verifiable customer reviews. If you're allied with non-for-profit groups, let your website visitors know about it.

If you're certified by credible organizations or monitored by consumer watch groups, put this information where your visitors can easily see it.

The more of these "trust signals" you include on your website, the less worried your visitors will be about sharing their contact and/or payment information.

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