What Does This Media Kit Mean? 4 Tips to Evaluate Advertising Platforms

Posted Apr 16th, 2019

What Does This Media Kit Mean? 4 Tips to Evaluate Advertising Platforms

Sometimes you find yourself asking, "what does this media kit mean?"

Media kits don't have to be confusing once you know what exactly you're looking for.

You should learn how to break down a digital media kit so that you can properly evaluate the site to determine if you want to advertise there.

Here are 4 tips to evaluate the advertising platforms in your media kit.

1. An Impressive Introduction

Media kits are around to buy your business, and a large part of that is making their site feel approachable and likable. Look at the site's introduction to see if it feels personal and like a company that you want to go into business with.

This is also the area where the company can include any awards they may have. Look to see if these awards come reputable companies with opinions you value.

They should also explain what their target audience demographic is. Make sure this reflects the audience that you target as well. This way the ad is more likely to work on that type of customer.

2. Examples of Click-Through-Rates and Average Return on Investment

One of the best things to look for is comparable examples. Looking at examples will help you to see if this advertising opportunity would potentially work for you and your business.

It's promising if the site has examples of past business advertising campaigns that have been successful. They can include previous click-through-rates (CTR) or return on investment numbers (ROI).

CTR will show you how many total impressions came from the advertisement by people looking at it. It'll also show you how many clicks came from that same group of people. This will give you a good idea of how effective the advertisement was.

ROI shows how much money came from the advertisement campaign. This works by seeing who made a purchase on your site after viewing the ad and clicking on it. This can also help you make adjustments to the advertisement and maximize your profits.

3. Look at Their Press Releases

Occasionally, you will see that a company has chosen to include a few press releases in their kit. Don't ignore these!

A press release can be very informative and helpful towards your decision-making process. Companies that release press releases come off as more trustworthy brands.

Press releases are also a great way to drive traffic to the site. This means more people who are a captive audience for your advertisement.

4. A Media Kit Should Have Statistics

Look at the site's statistics that they have in the kit. This will help give you a good understanding of their audience and the overall success of the site.

Some statistics and analytics to look out for would be how many people visit the site and where those clicks are coming from. This includes both repeat and unique visitors.

Other statistics could be how many people follow them on social media and the number of impressions they get from these channels. It's always helpful if the site is able to give you links to these channels as those numbers tend to change frequently.

Know What to Look For

Once you know what to look for in a media kit, it's easier to dissect and understand exactly what you're looking at. From there make sure that the numbers and figures align with what you want for your company.

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