The Future of Marketing: 5 Tech Trends Shaping the Industry

Posted Mar 26th, 2019

The Future of Marketing: 5 Tech Trends Shaping the Industry

Tired of the pop-ups, native ads and display ads that seem to be everywhere?

With the nearly constant barrage of advertising each time you're on the internet, you may find yourself curious about the future of marketing.

Will you eventually have robots showing up at your front door or, worse yet, tapping into your subconscious as you sleep?

The Future of Marketing Is Not the Stuff of Science Fiction

Well, not yet, at least.

In fact, it's pretty straight-forward. And yeah, it does require some degree of tech-savvy.

But it certainly doesn't require robots invading your mind. Below are five trends that look to be future trends in marketing.

1. Provide the Complete Mobile Web Experience

Customers are definitely getting more comfortable making purchases on their mobile devices. But there are still those who research on mobile, then prefer to use a laptop when making the actual purchase.

A fully optimized mobile web experience - one that is well designed and developed - will encourage those same customers to make the purchase from their mobile device.

This isn't achieved by asking customers to download yet another app to their phones. It's done by utilizing technologies that target mobile devices on every single touch point along the entire purchase process.

2. Prioritize Data Analytics

Everyone collects data these days. They key now is knowing how to leverage that data.

In other words, it's no longer about how much data to collect, but rather how to make the best use of what's been collected.

Brands now have the ability to access consumers' online and offline media behaviours and preferences. They can determine the consumers' location throughout the day and purchase history. It's even possible to calculate promotion sensitivity.

All of this data can be used in a meaningful way to deliver marketing messages.

3. Integrate AI

Marketers are already using AI in ad exchanges and to optimize campaigns. But as time goes on, marketers are going to need to figure out better ways to integrate AI into the customer experience if they want to remain competitive.

A lot of this comes down to automation. And the foundation for such automation is already there.

For example, many successful brands are utilizing chatbots or other forms of automation to supplement customer engagement efforts.

4. Embrace a New Breed of Content Marketing

Any company that still insists they have no need for a blog is not only losing out on effective SEO, but also the power of content-driven-commerce.

Simply put, content-driven-commerce is the practice of incorporating affiliate links within published content. Taking advantage of this form of content marketing can help bring in incremental revenue without the often high cost of a typical marketing campaign.

Through this sort of marketing, a brand can offer incentives to publishers to incorporate their products into their content. When the consumer purchases the product after leaving the publisher's site, both the brand and the publisher generate revenue.

5. Tell an Authentic Story

Still, it's not enough to just smack down a slew of content and think it's going to matter.

At the end of the day, consumers are people. And in a world of constant over-stimulation, they're seeking personalized experiences. It's basic psychology. They want content that does more than just sell.

Marketers need to start small, identify what works and then carve out a campaign that tells a cohesive story across all channels. It needs to connect with people in real-time, regardless of where they are.

Ready to Engage and Convert Your Customers?

Staying on top of these trends that will shape the future of marketing is a great place to start.

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