10 Innovative Ways to Build Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing

Posted Mar 7th, 2019

10 Innovative Ways to Build Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing

Tech companies and luxury brands regularly dominate the annual lists of valuable brands. But smaller businesses don't always have the same marketing firepower as Google or Gucci.

Thankfully, digital marketing also offers more organic ways to build brand recognition and boost your online presence.

Looking to build brand awareness in innovative or creative ways? Read on to learn more.

1. Involve Customers on Social Media

Sure, you can get product or service reviews from customers. And potential customers might read them.

But how about images? Ask customers to share photos of them using your product or service. The caption can become a short testimonial in your favour.

It's more organic than sharing images yourself and it cuts down on the amount of content you need to create.

2. Get Influencers on Board

Influencer marketing is a huge way to build brand awareness. Essentially, you're "borrowing" someone else's audience and building word-of-mouth into the process.

Find influencers that reach your target audience and find out if they're open to working with you. It's a quick way to get your products in front of a receptive group of people.

3. Start an Affiliate Program

Influencers are great at marketing your brand. But why not use your actual customers?

Starting an affiliate program is a great way to get your current users and customers to market your company.

Sure, they do so to earn a little commission. But it earns you more referrals than you might generate organically.

4. Develop a Tone of Voice

It's not always what you say, but how you say it. Take Wendy's, for example.

They adopted a snarky, sassy tone of voice on Twitter. Their followers loved it. Even non-customers retweeted their jibes at competitors.

That tone of voice may not work for your brand. Find the one that resonates with your audience and use it.

They'll hear you better among the noise. Just don't give the job to your intern.

5. Post Content on Other Sites

You may think your content needs to be on your site to be effective.


When you're looking to build awareness, why not borrow someone else's audience? Create some super useful, actionable content and find a reputable blog or site in your niche.

Get the content hosted there and introduce a new group of potential customers to what you do.

6. Swap to Branded Packaging

Think of how you feel when you open a package from Apple. Now think of how you feel when you get a package from an eBay seller.

The difference?

The branding. Strong brands know the unboxing is just as key as using the product.

Using branded packaging is a great way to stand out from your competitors.

7. Use SEO

By harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO), you can build brand awareness around specific keywords.

The further you get up the search results? The more people will see your name when they search for those terms.

8. Develop Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. Especially if it's useful. Add your branding to the kind of items people use all the time.

Your brand is literally all they see every time they use it. Think memory pens, notebooks, or even tote bags. That way, they'll advertise you every time they use your freebie.

9. Have an Opinion

Appear on podcasts? Post content to a blog? Use social media?

Any of these existing marketing tactics are a great place to have an opinion. While whatever you say may polarize people, it's also a way to find out who your fans are.

It'll also get you noticed quicker than repeating what everyone else in your niche is saying. Just make sure your opinions are those you actually hold. Authenticity is still king here.

10. Use Remarketing Campaigns

Social media advertising is great for getting your ads in front of thousands of people. But wouldn't it be better to put your ads in front of people who already knew who you were?

Run remarketing campaigns to target people who've already visited your website. The more they see your brand, the more likely they are to remember - and recommend - you.

Try These 10 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

You may not want to try all 10 strategies at once. Pick one or two that fit what you're already doing and try them out.

Then start adding more as you get traction. Starting with the things that best serve your audience is a great rule of thumb to build brand awareness.

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