3 Winning Customer Engagement Strategies That Will Double Your Conversion Rates

Posted Feb 28th, 2019

3 Winning Customer Engagement Strategies That Will Double Your Conversion Rates

3 Customer Engagement Strategies to Foster Your Brand's Growth

What is customer engagement marketing?

In a nutshell, it's the idea of directly communicating with your consumers and encouraging those consumers to share experiences with you. It can happen on social media, on your website, and even offline.

You're encouraging customers to interact with your brand and to give their feedback in some way.

So, what are the top customer engagement strategies?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. Connect through Email Marketing

If you want to increase customer engagement, then you should start with a strong email marketing strategy.

First of all, email marketing is a great opportunity to show your leads and customers the "real people" behind your brand. Feature an employee of the month, include a personal post, or even create a video showing an employee or customer using their product.

Additionally, email marketing treats all consumers as equals. Whether someone is a new lead or a long-term customer, and no matter how much money they spend with you, they're all getting the same information.

This is incredibly effective in building brand loyalty. You can also let them know about upcoming in-store events, sales, and even include a survey in your email to hear from them directly.

2. Create Interactive Content on Social Media

One of the most effective customer engagement strategies is to focus on creating interactive content.

When you post a video to your Instagram stories, for example, end with a question and encourage viewers to respond. On Facebook, create a poll or write a status update asking users questions about not just your brand and how they interact with it, but about their lives in general.

On Twitter, you can create a hashtag and retweet/feature those who respond on your own social media accounts.

The idea behind interactive content is to create an open dialogue with your leads and current customers.

3. Personalize Whenever Possible

Finally, if you really want to nail your client engagement strategy, make sure that you embrace the idea of personalization in marketing.

For example, if possible, include a handwritten note in packaging to new customers. Create customer profiles so that you can keep track of their past purchases and buying behaviour so that you can send them an automated email when items they love are on sale.

Feature your clients' posts about your brand on your own social media account, or simply leave a comment on their photos.

When you send them out a marketing email, address them by their first names. Respond personally to complaints whenever possible, whether in a private message or publicly on a third-party review website.

Need Expert Help Developing Your Customer Engagement Strategies?

This post has introduced you to a few of the many customer engagement strategies that you can use to promote brand loyalty, get to know your target market on a deeper level, and increase your revenue.

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