9 Email Workflows You Should Be Using in Your Automated Marketing

Posted Feb 19th, 2019

9 Email Workflows You Should Be Using in Your Automated Marketing

Younger companies learn early on that one of the most powerful marketing tools is the marketing email. With a healthy emailing list, you can stay engaged with all your customers at the press of a button.

However, all of these email lists can become unmanageable when you try to focus on each customer's individual needs. For that reason, automated email workflows have become more important than ever.

Automatically track every customer's spending and engagement habits, so you can send them the exact marketing campaign that they need.

If you aren't sure where to start, take a look at our top nine email workflows you can start using for your automated marketing.

1. Welcome Series for New Customers

First impressions are a vital part of marketing, and when someone signs up for your blog or newsletter, it's your time to shine. The first email they receive should not be a sales letter. Instead, it should welcome them to the "family" and provide free training videos or content to get them more familiar with your company.

2. Subscription Renewal Workflow

If your business is based on subscriptions, you know that it's cheaper to keep a current customer than to gain a new one. This workflow involves tracking subscription expiration dates. A few weeks leading up to the day, set up a series of emails that the user that they will soon lose access to your material.

Style the emails with increasing urgency and even offer a discount if they renew before the expiration date.

3. Lead-Nurturing Workflow

Create an email series that is designed to turn leads into loyal customers. Then set up a workflow that tracks behaviors of potential leads and adds them to the beginning of the series. Remember to always be updating the series so that it can passively build traffic while you focus more on your brand.

4. Re-engagement Workflow

If you have customers that are still subscribed but haven't engaged with the material for a long time, set up a workflow that grabs their attention and revives their interest in your brand.

You can do this by tracking the length of time between purchases or emails opened.

5. Engaged Contact Workflow

Unlike workflows that are designed to win back customers who have lost interest, an engaged contact works to reward customers who are actively involved with your company. Use a workflow that sends things like success stories, testimonials, and high-value content that subscribers are likely to share on their social media.

6. Checkout Abandonment Workflow

Millions of dollars in revenue gets lost every year to people who abandon their carts at checkout. Chances are they were comparing your prices to a competitor's site, or they were surprised by the final price.

Either way, setting up a workflow that asks why they chose not to make a purchase and even offers a discount has proven successful for winning back customers for that final checkout.

7. Send Gated Content Workflow

Getting leads interested is done by providing free content. However, once they provide their contact information, it's your job to keep them interested with content they couldn't get before. Be sure to have a workflow that provides them with high-value content that they can only have access to if they sign up.

8. Product-Launch Email Workflows

If you've created a new product or service, be sure to have a workflow that prepared existing customers for the launch so they can get to know it before them.

For even more engagement, track customers who are opening the emails regularly and offer them a free trial of your product or software.

9. Qualified Marketing Lead Workflow

If you aren't using automation to send notifications to your marketing team, you're missing out on a lot of leads. As soon as a customer becomes qualified, have a workflow ready that will keep them interested and convert them into paying customers.

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Automatic email workflows are 119% more effective than regular broadcast emails. Think of the revenue you could be losing if you don't start implementing these workflows today!

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