Keyword 101: How to Choose the Right Types of Keywords for Your Website

Posted Feb 14th, 2019

Keyword 101: How to Choose the Right Types of Keywords for Your Website

You want to attract traffic to your website. But how do you do it? Throw in lots of keywords!

Kind of. Keywords are great, but only if you use the right ones. There are different types of keywords, some of which work better than others. So how do you know the difference?

To help you out, we've created this keyword 101. So keep reading to learn all about choosing the right types of keywords for your site.

Consider Your Audience

In order to draw in the audience you're after, you've got to use terms they're likely to search for. Consider your target when choosing keywords. You could even put yourself in their shoes.

Think of the words and phrases your audience is likely to search for on the web. Right them all down and keep them for reference. Don't forget to be creative. People search for things in many different ways.

Know What Your Customers Want

Knowing your audience is great. What's even better is knowing what they want. Choose keywords that match what they're looking for.

For example, certain keywords make it obvious if a person is looking to buy something (used, cheap, brand new). Others suggest they're looking to learn something (how, why, when).

Keep this in mind when choosing keywords.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Use long-tail keywords instead of short, vague ones. In other words "quick dinner ideas for two" is better than "recipes".

If your customer is looking "quick dinner ideas for two" they're still researching, looking for what they want. Use the keywords they're likely to search for to show them your site is the place to find what they're looking for.

Single-word and broad keywords like "college" and "Swedish pancakes" will pull up way too many results, i.e. your competitors' sites. So steer clear from these types of keywords.

Consider how They'll Work for You

A little research goes a long way. With each keyword you want to use, consider how it will work for you.

Look at how keywords convert, how they rank, and who ranks the highest for them. Could you beat them?

Research how well your proposed keywords are doing before you use them on your site. You may have to fight hard to rank high for certain keywords. Make sure it's worth the effort.

Use Keywords the Right Way

Knowing what keywords to choose is great. Now you've got to use them properly.

Keywords used in ads are only so effective. SEO is a much better option. Include keywords throughout the content on your site. Use them in heads, blog posts, descriptions, and wherever else you can.

A few of your keywords should be on every page of your site. But going overboard can be detrimental. Aim for just a few on each page.

Since your keywords are built into your site, they'll create continuous traffic. You won't have to worry about ad campaigns ending or running out of marketing funds. Instead, you can let your own site market itself.

Use the Right Types of Keywords to Bring New Traffic

You've probably had some people visit your site already. Maybe you've had a lot. But if you're looking for new or more customers, make sure you're using the right types of keywords.

Keywords are powerful. They can make or break your website. So consider your audience, do a little research, and make sure you choose keywords that will work for you.

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