5 Email Marketing Tips All Business Owners Need to Know

Posted Jan 8th, 2019

5 Email Marketing Tips All Business Owners Need to Know

In this digital age, most business owners could use a few email marketing tips.

I can hear you asking, "Aren't social media and content marketing more suited for converting leads into sales?" Yes and no.

The truth is, both of these methods come with significant downsides. Social media posts face stiff competition, and their lifespan is usually quite short. Site content is a bit more reliable, but only if it ranks high enough in organic search.

By comparison, email marketing is a perfect way to reach your target audience. Modern email marketing focuses on delivering relevant content to your existing leads.

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 email marketing tips to help you out.

1. Mobile Optimization

Here is a stat that may surprise you: People are most likely to open their emails on mobile devices. These days, mobile represents 47% of the overall share.

When you're optimizing for mobile, you should pay attention to your content structure. A good first step is to use short paragraphs and buttons that are easy to tap. Also, your call-to-action should be near the top of the message.

2. Personalization

As you may know, personalized emails deliver higher click-through rates than normal emails. However, personalization is not all about boosting sales - it can also serve as a relationship-building tool.

What should a personalized email look like? Start by referring to contacts by their names. You can also use their contact information to send them birthday messages or thank-you promotions.

3. Account-Based Marketing

Instead of email blasts, modern email marketing focuses on an account-based approach. To make use of this strategy, you'll need to rank your leads based on their specific needs.

Fortunately, all you need is a list of contacts who have downloaded your gated content. Why? Well, each piece of content determines the contact's stage in the buying journey.

Once you have your target audience, try following up with them. Send them emails designed to help them make a decision or move on to the next stage of the buying journey.

4. Trigger-Based Campaigns

A trigger-based marketing campaign is designed around sending automatic emails for specific actions. Welcome and thank-you emails both fall into this category.

The main benefit of trigger-based campaigns is that they help you create a marketing automation platform. By relying on a proper automation system, you can greatly reduce your marketing efforts.

5. Interactive Emails

An interactive email is designed to function as a normal web page. Once they open the email, recipients can complete various tasks from the email itself. These tasks include rating content, filling out forms, providing feedback, and so on.

Interactive emails do a good job of engaging your leads. If they're on mobile, having to open a web page - which may take some time - can put them off. By comparison, interactive emails allow them to respond easily and instantly.

More Email Marketing Tips

Not sure email marketing is the right choice for you and your company? Want some more ideas on how to utilize this strategy properly?

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