5 Website SEO Hacks All Business Owners Should Know

Posted Dec 27th, 2018

5 Website SEO Hacks All Business Owners Should Know
If you're looking to rank your website on the first page of Google then you need to know these SEO hacks. Click here for more info!

Managing a website and improving its performance was one of the top five challenges marketers faced in 2017. Luckily, a few SEO hacks can get your website ranking on the first page of Google.

Business owners trying to establish themselves online encounter several problems. These include technical issues, server reliability, and security breaches. Yet, the issue that hinders them the most is poor marketing.

Using poor website marketing and SEO techniques is bad for your brand. It leads to less traffic, low rankings, and poor social engagement. Your revenue will suffer because online users aren't discovering your website. Worse still, your customers will get a bad experience and service.

As such, you need to get your website hitting all the right notes. Keep reading to learn some great website SEO hacks.

Great Website SEO Hacks to Implement

More than 60 percent of marketers place improving SEO as their top priority. They understand the value the business will get if their SEO strategy works well.

Here are five website SEO hacks every business owner should know about:

1. Remove Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content doesn't mean you'll get extra points. Rather, it means search engines will avoid your page because they already indexed the duplicate page.

The best way to find duplicate content is by doing a full site audit. Then, focus on creating unique content for every blog post. Use different images and different headings as well.

2. Research the Best Keywords

If you know what your audience is searching for, you'll be able to provide better solutions. Thus, use keyword tools to search for the best words. The right keywords will amplify your content. You'll be providing information people want to read.

This will draw visitors to your website. Search engines note when your site has valuable content. This is good for your ranking. Remember, don't stuff the keywords in your posts. The words must fit naturally into your sentences.

3. Create Engaging, Informative, and Shareable Content

Aside from removing duplicate content, you must make sure all your posts are top-notch. They must be engaging, informative, and shareable. This means site visitors will believe they've received value through your post. They'll also be likelier to recommend the post to their friends or family.

The more people share your content, the more traffic you'll get. And if you are providing value, more people may consider buying from you.

4. Build Quality Links

Bad or broken links damage your reputation. It tells search engines your site is not reliable. Thus, make sure you scan your site and fix all broken or damaged links. Also, don't stuff links either. Make sure they fit in the context you are expressing.

Link your older posts to your new posts. You should have at least two internal links per post. This gives the reader more information. It also keeps them on the site longer, which may turn them into a buyer.

5. Measure Your Progress

As the experts always say, "SEO is a process". Search engine optimization is not something you do and forget about it. You have to measure the impact and make changes to become more effective.

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As you can see, the SEO hacks above are simple and easy to implement. Remember, the ultimate goal is to provide value to your audience. Once you do that, the ranking and the sales will follow.

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