How to Build and Scale Webinar Programs

Posted Dec 18th, 2018

How to Build and Scale Webinar Programs
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Since the average small business is now spending $75,000 a year on digital marketing, companies are looking for a way to cut costs while reaching clients. One of the best ways to generate leads while promoting your company is to build a webinar program. Webinar programs allow your company to show off your expertise as you sell your services.

People in your field will tune into your webinar because they're facing a problem. Their first inclination is to ask others working in their industry how their problem can be fixed. When you offer solutions, you increase the authority of your brand's voice while taking another opportunity to talk about your services.

Building and scaling webinar programs can be challenging while juggling the other elements of running a business. Follow these 4 tips to ensure that your program is secure and scalable even when your attention is drawn to other aspects of your business.

1. Know Where You're Needed

Since you are already embedded in your industry, you know first hand what your industry needs. Within your industry, there will be gaps in the market or areas that are underexplored by your competitors.

In the same way that your products and services fill a need in your market, use that angle for creating your webinar.

Make a list of things you want your listeners or viewers to know by the end of your presentation. Get to know who your audience should be and target them as directly as possible.

2. Get Everyone On Board

Once you've come up with a plan, brainstorm a list of potential subjects. Get your team involved and make sure everyone feels like they have a voice.

Your audience will expect a video chat, so make sure you've got presenters who are personable and look good on camera. Get the best technology that fits within your budget to offer clients the best image and best sound.

If you're doing a lot of presentations, think about adding a short, weekly presentation that introduces clients to your subject.

3. Market It Right

Once you've nailed down your audience, figure out where you can find them. A webinar with no attendees is a waste of your time. The purpose is to reach as many people as possible, so set yourself up with a great marketing plan.

If your customers are on social media, be on the channels where you can find them congregating. Do some preliminary research to find out who your demographic is and set your ad tech to target that audience specifically.

Use analytics tools to ensure that you can see how well your outreach is doing and adjust it with each new webinar.

4. Find A Partner

Working with a partner can set you up to scale your webinars quickly. First, you'll have a second company to rely on for outreach, essentially doubling your efforts.

Once you're ready to expand your production, you'll have greater resources to pull from for funding or staffing your webinars.

Webinar Programs Generate Leads and Seal Deals

A well-constructed webinar program can create a dedicated audience. Once you've got people reposting, clicking, and engaging with your webinars, you'll see your SEO market share grow. This will lead to a snowballing of your efforts and help you to turn leads into sales effortlessly.

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