5 Predictions for the Future of Online Marketing

Posted Dec 11th, 2018

5 Predictions for the Future of Online Marketing
What purpose does a website serve and what role will it play in the future? Check out these predictions about the future of online marketing to find out.

Remember the days when introducing your company's brand-new website was a big deal?

Then social media arrived on the scene in full swing. With the rapid changes taking place in just the past few years alone, what exactly does the future of online marketing look like?

Research shows that spending on digital advertising is expected to skyrocket from a little over $161 billion in 2015 to more than a whopping $335 billion in 2020.

The question is, where specifically will this increase in spending go, and what role will your website play in the coming years? Here's a list of five predictions for the future of online marketing that you need to know.

Let's jump in!

1. Future of Online Marketing Includes Customized Content Feeds

As algorithms for serving content improve, internet users will be able to access entertainment and information instantly around the clock. But the difference between now and the future is that future content will be even more finely tuned for every individual.

Just as people are increasingly ignoring generalized traditional ads, they'll start to ignore general online content, too. So, what does that mean for you and your company?

If you want to survive past 2020, you'll need to figure out how to provide an instantly rewarding and personalized experience with your company's website marketing content. Customization will be the name of the game more than ever before.

2. Reality Optimization Will Come into Being

One could argue that more interactions are taking place in the digital world versus the physical one these days.

Think about it: How many compliments have you given in person today? Maybe one or two?

Now, compare that to how many people's comments you have "liked" on Facebook. Even if it's only a handful, it's clear that the digital environment is taking over our social lives.

So, be prepared to hybridize digital and traditional advertising models thanks to the advent of augmented reality. For instance, you may need to invest in pop-up advertisements that show up when an internet user happens to be close to your company.

Or maybe if you own a supermarket, there will be a way to let customers virtually shop at your store through your website.

Translation: Get ready to optimize reality for tomorrow's online consumer interactions.

3. Virtual Reality: A New Type of Reality

Online marketing and virtual reality will become the perfect marriage in coming years. The result? Video and visual marketing will be enhanced.

In other words, you can expect more website and social media videos to be transmitted in the future. The benefits of virtual reality will benefit both you and the customer in the years ahead.

4. Wearable Technology Will Become Even More Prevalent

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is intricate and huge. Think Apple Watches, for example.

These wearable technologies will become even more popular down the road. That means they'll help you to target your creative advertisements to your target audience based on their previous online behavior or shopping experiences on your website.

The catch? You've got to make these creative ads even more personalized to reap the benefits of them.

5. Less Competition

You can expect less competition as more businesses fail to keep up with today's quickly evolving technology and thus fall by the wayside.

You'll still need to keep your website in tip-top shape, take website SEO seriously, and manage your social media channels vigorously. But you'll definitely find it easier to differentiate yourself in the online marketplace.

You can't beat that.

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