5 Dire Consequences of Delegating Social Media Functions to Your Interns (or Receptionist!)

Posted Feb 12th, 2018

5 Dire Consequences of Delegating Social Media Functions to Your Interns (or Receptionist!)

Interns are great. They can perform the less essential tasks within a company while gaining valuable experience.

But companies that believe social media functions are less essential tasks are in trouble. With over 2 billion active users on Facebook alone, you are risking making mistakes on a global scale with interns at the lead.

Experts predict 2018 will see big gains for Twitter. The integration of live video and ads will allow the social media platform to assist more businesses.

You may be losing market share and missing opportunity with interns running your social media. Here are 5 dire consequences of using interns for your social media to watch out for:

1. Diluting Your Brand with Social Media Functions

The difference between failure and success in the digital marketplace is brand management. Creating and managing a brand protects your product or service from becoming commodified in the global marketplace.

Building a brand takes hard work, focus, and skill. This effort will create long-term customers and provide the foundation for your company's success.

But one public slip up on social media can spell disaster. Trusting an intern with the value of your brand in a public venue carries too much risk.

2. Showcasing Inexperience

There is an old quote that reads "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."

An unfortunate side effect of using an intern to perform your social media functions is that it may display a lack of industry experience. Crafting content for digital media will ideally make your company and brand stand out as an expert.

Putting these functions in the hands of someone who is inexperienced in the industry may do more to reveal that lack of expertise. By trusting the thought leadership in your company to manage social media you can accomplish more.

You can also protect your company from looking inexperienced and amateurish in a public forum.

3. Wasting Money

Even if you aren't paying an intern you may be wasting money. Investing in ads on social media can bring huge returns.

But if you aren't investing in the content of those ads they are sure to fail.

4. Wasting Content

Content is king. But unless that content is unique, specialized, and helpful it is a waste.

You will be creating the type of internet white noise that makes people ignore your posts, products, and services.

Don't wait too long to work with an expert. You may be building barriers that are hard to surmount later.

5. Creating Marketing Silos

Without a marketing strategy that is integrated you can dilute your brand as well. But digital marketing requires an integrated approach to be successful.

You are not just trying to gain followers or build awareness in digital marketing. Digital marketing is about conversions.

Stay away from creating marketing silos. Using professionals to manage the entire strategy is the only way to succeed.

Get the Expert Help You Need

Social media can be a game changer for any company. While yesterday's social media was more about connecting people, today's savvy marketers know the opportunities in this digital strategy.

It is too important to the life of your company to treat social media as an afterthought. Rather than delegating these tasks to an intern you need to invest in solutions that work.

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