How Basic Psychology Principles Can Boost Lead Conversion

Posted Jan 8th, 2018

How Basic Psychology Principles Can Boost Lead Conversion

Creating and converting leads is a key part of any business.

The study of the mind can be very influential in converting a lead into a business opportunity.

There are a few easy tips to use from psychology to increase sales and earn more customers.

Read on to learn how psychology can aid in a more successful and smarter business.

1. Less Is More

In trying to increase sales and conversions, it is tempting to give consumers more options to choose from.

But, the opposite is often true, according to science. Psychological studies have shown that fewer options can help consumers.

People can become paralyzed by choices, and the best solution is to make it easier on them.

However, don't give them too few either. Balance the right amount of choices for consumers.

2. Use Authority Figures

The Milgram experiments in 1973 are a clear example in psychology on how powerful authority figures can be.

Therefore, it can a good idea to find endorsements and other trusted industry leader to vouch for your products or services.

Alternatively, consider a feature in a well-known publication. Ideally, this would be in the form of an interview or other stories.

This can also apply to influencer on social media. They can help push users in the direction of making the purchase.

3. Smart Use of Color

Did you know that there really isn't the "best color" in marketing?

The marketing world debates which color works the best in lead conversion, but ideas range from green to pink to red to orange and to light blue.

Instead of focusing on what is the "best" color, focus on the concept of sensory adaption.

Sensory adaption is when people become so used to stimulation that they no longer are aware of it at all.

Therefore, the colour should be used in whatever way works, rather than following particular rules. Pay attention to font size, visuals, and headings, especially in the CTA.

4. Position Visuals Correctly

An image is truly worth a thousand words in the marketing world. The smart use of visuals can increase consumers ability to remember the information from your website and content.

Examples could include pictures, illustrations, and infographics, but you are not limited in options.

In addition, visual content should attract the attention of users as much as possible.

Direct attention especially towards purchasing, and the call to action. This will encourage users to stay on your website longer and therefore lead to more trust.

Not convinced?

Most people only remember 20 percent of what they read but people remember 80 percent of what they see.

The Best in Lead Conversion

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