3 Measurable Benefits of a Dynamic Retargeting Strategy

Posted Jan 1st, 2018

3 Measurable Benefits of a Dynamic Retargeting Strategy

Every business owner needs a fantastic digital marketing strategy. With digital sales taking up an increasingly large amount of the market, it's important that brands know how to advertise to the customer.

But that isn't always so easy, especially in the age of AdBlockers. And even if an ad is served up to a customer, there's no guarantee that it'll be effective, rendering the campaign useless.

What if there was a way to tailor ads in real time to your audience? If it sounds too good to be true, you'll want to continue reading.

Here are three measurable benefits to coming up with a dynamic retargeting strategy.

Why Dynamic Retargeting Works

1. Retargeting Allows For Stronger Keywords

When it comes to most advertising strategies, businesses tend to prefer Google AdWords. It's a simple and relatively cost-effective way to bid on keywords and set up parameters.

However, just because it's popular doesn't mean it's infallible. In fact, for as great as AdWords is, it isn't without its share of problems.

Namely, if a keyword proves ineffective, the client is out a pretty substantial chunk of money.

This is perhaps the primary advantage that a dynamic retargeting strategy provides. Instead of bidding on one keyword and hoping for the best, retargeting allows for real-time keyword tailoring.

Audience preferences change on a near minute-to-minute basis. If you're going to run an effective campaign, you'll need to adapt.

2. Get Increased Clicks

Let's say an ad convinces a customer to visit your site. That's a win, right? Well not quite.

The bottom line is that an overwhelming number of visitors are going to leave a site without buying a product or signing up for a service.

However, dynamic retargeting allows for businesses to entice visitors back. This is achieved by advertising the same or similar product that the customer left in their cart.

Something as simple as a reminder can cut cart abandonment by a considerable amount.

3. See Which Channels Track

Google and Facebook are strong advertising marketplaces on their own. But with dynamic retargeting, you'll get ads spread across a variety of networks, including social media and banner ads. Advertisements may even track across search engines.

And with it, users can expect a set of analytics that can be used in future campaigns. Use your results to determine which channels bring in traffic and which aren't worth the time.

A retargeting strategy is about more than keywords and traffic. It's about important data that can inform campaigns down the road.

A Dynamic Retargeting Strategy Takes The Guesswork Out Of Marketing

Retargeting isn't just something a business should consider. It's something they should invest it, and immediately at that.

Between the unique analytics and the custom-tailored advertisements, brands would do well to stop generalizing their advertisements.

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