3 Obsolete Marketing Technologies That Hurt Businesses

Posted Dec 11th, 2017

3 Obsolete Marketing Technologies That Hurt Businesses

Marketing is an industry reliant on technology.

But many marketers struggle to replace their old mindset with disruptive thinking. Meanwhile, demand is growing for forward-thinking marketers who are willing to bring ideas to the table and try new marketing technologies.

Don't Get Left Behind, Avoid These Three Marketing Technologies

Networking Not Working

Networking is a base-line skill for any business person. But the problem with multi-level marketing is these tactics usually come from someone with little experience running a business or in sales.

This model is praised for its low startup cost compared to other ownership options. But there is still a technology component associated with running an MLM business.

If you plan to sell products via network marketing (MLM), you may be thinking about technology upgrades. These include websites for MLM reps, lead generation, social monitoring or CRM tools designed to help reps meet and track goals. You may even want your reps to have updated home security depending on if they keep inventory.

But before you allocate your marketing technologies budget preparing for an MLM launch, here's something to consider.

With unskilled people as brand reps, and an increase in Ponzi scheme awareness paving the way for skepticism, partnering with social butterflies to sell your products directly to consumers may not be the best strategy.

Be disruptive in 2018 instead by partnering with affiliates on social media. Or increasing mindshare through crowd-sourced branding.

Content Heavy Everything

Great content helps educate your audience. It can further your brand story and puts you in a position of thought leadership. It also helps your organic keyword search results, reducing paid SEO marketing technologies.

But content isn't always the answer.

For instance, Google has cracked down on keyword stuffing. Web crawlers are trained to look for keywords placed to trick the system.

The unfortunate side-effect of implementing this tactic is a poorer user experience, and lower SEO ranking. Content marketers need to understand when too much content looks like an attempt at stuffing.

Even in instances when stuffing does not occur, too much content on one page can be overwhelming to readers.

The best-performing sites reduce content to areas of the site where people are looking to be informed. And have landing pages that are clean with a clear call to action.

Stuck In A Stock Rut

Stock photos are everywhere. But consumers find stock photos unoriginal and sometimes cheesy for the following reasons:

  • Stock photos can appear over-posed
  • They come in a variety of resolutions, and sometimes business don't buy the right ones for their needs
  • The imagery looks outdated
  • The imagery looks unoriginal

Instead of buying stock make a few considerations:

  • Can I shoot this easily myself, or with reasonable help from a photographer?
  • Could an infographic apply here?
  • Could a video apply instead of an image?

Original photography shot by a professional is always your best bet when looking for images for marketing materials. But other marketing technologies could be used in place of stock photos also, like custom infographics or videos that engage readers.

The Future Of Marketing

There are many disruptive trends in marketing that may be a better use of your time and money than the tired ones discussed above. These include crowdsourced branding, marketing automation, influencer marketing and data-driven campaigns. Explore how these can enhance your marketing strategy by following our blog.

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