5 Tips to Build and Scale a Webinar Program

Posted Nov 27th, 2017

5 Tips to Build and Scale a Webinar Program

Do you need help in building and scaling your webinar program? These tips can help you to create and improve your program to it's best ability.

If you think your sales gig is safe from change, probably from some quaint notion that your human presence could never be replicated, you've never given much thought to a webinar program.

Imagine speaking to all the people possibly allowed all the same time. Like with many things, online technology allows anyone the leverage of scale and mass communications.

A webinar program does all of that. Webinars not only let you speak with many people all over the world, it also allows you to see them and for them to see you. Seeing the people you work with is vital in establishing trust and personal connections.

Here's how you can use technology and our know-how to make the most of those personal connections in your business.

Let's go...

Think About Your Webinar Program First

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to get you started.

What is the market need we are trying to address? This a question that a business asks at the outset of the business. Make sure that you can clearly articulate that to a wide audience.

Then, identify how a webinar helps potential clients see your business as the solution to the market need. After hearing the presentation, what will participants know?

Who needs to involved in the creation of the webinar content? Identify which team members whose time would be best spent on the webinar.

What platform will we use? How will it fit with existing web applications? Remember, adding utility to your website helps you make the most of a big investment.

Think Infrastructure

Given the ascendence of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) communications systems, having frequent and stable webinars maybe easier than you think.

If you don't have VoIP, figure out if your internet is fast enough to support large webinars.

Commit and Find What Works

Once you have a plan, commit to the plan. Remember this: people expect video chat. Video chat is now foundational to all personal and professional technology.

This applies in several business segments ranging from customer support to sales to product training.

For high-volume early-stage sales presentations that are done regularly, consider a weekly introductory webinar. Consider assigning regular ad-hoc webinar development to a trusted employee if enough unique appointments are part of your business.

Market the Webinar

Give the program a clear spot on your website with its own page links to the page in several places. Doing so helps increase the perceived value of your brand.

Work it into your social media effort to show how important communicating with clients is to the company.

Maybe consider partnering with a business you work with to help spread the word.

Find the Right Partner

Bring in the professionals if you lack know-how or time to get a new marketing element off the ground.

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