What is the Purpose of a Website? What's its future?

Posted Nov 20th, 2017

What is the Purpose of a Website? What's its future?

Do websites have a future? Learn about the purpose of a website and how it can help your business in multiple ways.

Modern business goes beyond shaking hands and setting up shop - you need a website

Websites are a place where potential consumers can find you from anywhere in the world, at any time. They are a platform to sell your services in a way that is fun, engaging, and convenient. 

There is no single purpose of a website, but the benefits are endless. 

Here are the basics of what a company website can do for you.

Share Your Brand 

This is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the purpose of a website. 

Your brand is who you are, what you do, and the value you bring to the world.

A site is the best way to share this. What used to only spread by word of mouth or through heavy advertising can now be center stage. All it takes is getting found on someone's desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

If you think you get enough engagement through your Instagram or Facebook pages, you're mistaken. There is only so much you can do to talk about your brand, but your site gives instant access to everything a consumer wants to know. 

It is a place to share your story and your message. A way to introduce your team and products, and offer customer support as well.

Basically, having your own website is like bringing business to the palm of the customer's hand. 

Build Your Business 

Giving your brand a place in the world wide web is the key to staying relevant in the minds of consumers. 

Online metrics like click-through-rates, the level of engagement on landing pages, and conversion rates are the glimpse you need to understand how consumers think.

These tools help you build your business in the most effective way possible

Think about it this way: your brick and mortar store gets a certain amount of people through the door a day. Of those, some make a purchase and some don't. 

Do you know the buying behaviors of these people? Are you aware of what it costs you to have missed sales opportunities walk out?

Analyzing data on your website can tell you these things and more in real time. It lets you track the purchase cycle from a customer's online search to what they put in their cart and checkout with.

The more you know, the more effective your user experience can be online and in-store. 

Moving Forward: The Purpose of a Website in Years to Come 

The world is going digital, and business is the main reason behind it.

Companies and consumers alike want convenience and efficiency in an instant. They want to be able to access what they need from the push of a button and have their interest piqued by doing so.

The main purpose of a website will always be conversions, but it can be so much more too. 

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Websites are bringing people together to create positive change, share inspiring stories, and learn something new every day.

You may love your local brand or brick and mortar location, but without a website, you are hindering its performance.   

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