Social Media Solutions That Don't Require an Intern

Posted Nov 13th, 2017

Social Media Solutions That Don't Require an Intern

You shouldn't have to delegate all of social media onto the intern or receptionist. Here are some social media solutions that you can try for yourself.

Remember that whole trend of the four minute work week? Well, executives are really missing the mark.

Back in 2014, Entrepreneur's study of leaders revealed C-levels are spending about 145 minutes a day online. That's a whole lot more than four minutes, but thanks to social media solutions, we can really put that time to work for us.

Social media moves so fast and in such exciting ways, you don't need - and you won't want - to have your intern handle it. Instead of delegating, read on to find out ways to make liking, loving, following, and favoriting part of your busy day.

Get Under the Influence

Hold on, we're not talking about cocktails, but you may want to toast yourself if you add influencer marketing into your array of social media solutions.

Using influencers in your social media strategy is the opposite of relying on interns. Influencers are sought out for their expertise in a certain area, but not just for that expertise alone.

You want influencers to like, follow, interact with, and support your business because of who the influencers bring with them: their own followers. These heavy social media users become your advocates.

So influencer marketing means you target those at the top of their game, not the ones just starting out on the ladder. You or someone on your team specifically reaches out to the influencers, who then use the trickle-down effect via social media to get your word out for you.

VIP Social Media Solutions for Everyone

You know how it feels to receive an invitation to the hottest new restaurant opening or executive offsite summit?

You can arrange social media solutions on your own that capture and disburse that feeling to everyone, without having to use interns.

To open the doors of opportunity for all your prospective and current customers to have that VIP experience, you're going to need good, honest, valuable content that provides a return on investment to those who consume it.

This may take the shape of:

  • Sneak peek releases
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Tutorials and step by step instructions
  • Discounts, coupons, free gifts with purchase (all time-limited of course)
  • Interviews and Q&A sessions (with opportunity to participate) with company experts and executives, as well as industry leaders

Social media is an ideal platform for this, as you're already interacting via Tweets, posts, pages, video clips, live streaming, and more.

But instead of simply posting loud, "look at me" type of content, make your content useful to your targets. It's called the inbound marketing way and it goes hand in hand with strong social media strategies.

When You Do Need Help

But an intern just isn't going to cut it...

Turn to the experts. It's one thing to delegate, it's another to seek out knowledgeable, experienced help.

For assistance with social media solutions, help is here. Consider us more like a partner than an intern, consultants who will be able to bring further complexity to your marketing strategy.

Give us a little bit of information, including whether your interests include high-level topics such as SEO game planning, competitor analysis, and strategy sessions.

We'll help things "click" for you in no time.

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