3 Ways to Use Advocacy Marketing

Posted Sep 4th, 2017

3 Ways to Use Advocacy Marketing

Satisfied customers are one of your biggest advocates. One happy customer can turn into 100. Let's look at 3 ways to use advocacy marketing.

When many organizations think about marketing, they think about the budget. Ads, social media outreach, PPC, and more all have costs.

What if you could get incredibly effective marketing cheaply, or even for FREE?

Before you click away thinking this is a scam, hear us out. Your customers could be the biggest resource you have, and you don’t even know it.

When you treat customers well, you not only build repeat business. You also create raving fans who are eager to tell others about you. Here’s how to take advantage of advocacy marketing.

Use Advocacy Marketing for Referrals

Referral programs are popular for a reason. They are incredibly powerful! Dropbox’s referral program earned them 4 million users in only 15 months.

When you have customers who love your products or services, they will naturally tell others. What you want to do is incentivize them to send referrals regularly. You can do this by offering freebies, contests, or even cash.

84% of consumers trust referrals from someone they know. Leveraging advocacy marketing to gain referrals can build your business quickly!

Generate Positive Social Sharing

People tend to trust what their friends and family share online, even if they don’t thoroughly read it themselves. As a result, advocates can help you tremendously by sharing your content online.

Consider asking your brand advocates to share things you produce, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Company videos
  • Q&A sessions
  • Testimonials

When your advocates are sharing your company in a positive light, your business will see an increase in sales and growth. Positive social sharing can expand your reach and build your brand.

Take advantage of the fact that most Americans are on some kind of social media. Ask your brand advocates to talk about you in a positive way!

Advocates Can Fuel Development

Asking your raving fans to participate in product or service development can have two wonderfully positive effects.

First, fans will become even more passionate supporters of your brand when they are directly involved. You may even take some happy customers and move them into the brand advocate category.

Secondly, these customers will be eager to share their ideas with you. From color to navigation to usability, brand advocates can help your new offering succeed. You get a free market test group simply by engaging your best fans!

Once the product or service is almost finished, you can ask your advocates to share details with their following online. Advocacy marketing includes customer blog posts, social media shares, and much more.

Best of all, when someone is searching online for your type of product or service, they will see a flurry of positive activity!

Don’t miss out on the positive results you can gain from your own customer base. Many advocacy marketing programs are inexpensive or free. All you need to do is identify who your current raving fans are. You can also work on converting your happy customers into raving fans.

If you’d like help creating advocates for your company, we’re here for you. For a consultation, contact us today!

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