How the Revolutionary Chatbot is Changing the Future

Posted Aug 14th, 2017

How the Revolutionary Chatbot is Changing the Future

The revolutionary Chatbot will impact the future of web development as we know it. Read on to find out how.

Technology is changing the face of business yet again. Customers are constantly looking for faster, easier ways to find information and communicate. The more quickly they can get information and resolve a problem, the better.

Google’s search engine and algorithms have been aimed at filling that need for a long time. However, the disrupter is about to be disrupted. The development of the revolutionary chatbot will change how people search for information and services forever.

Meet the Revolutionary Chatbot

Are you tired of wondering exactly what keywords to enter into Google to get the answer you’re looking for? And on the other side, are you tired of digging through piles of keywords to make your content relevant and findable for others?

Things are about to change in a big way. The chatbot is a computer program that is powered by machine learning and natural language processing. Instead of doing text searches and combing through websites, you chat in a casual Q&A style with a computer.

You can now get instant, specific results tailored to exactly what you are looking for, saving you time and energy.

Access Chatbots Without Another Download

A big part of the revolutionary chatbot innovation is that users don’t need to download another software app to use it. Bots can be developed and launched for users of Facebook Messenger, Kik, Telegram, and more.

On the company side, this means less time spent developing, troubleshooting, and updating an app. It also means you don’t have as much control over the platform and delivery. Chat apps would have the upper hand in prioritization and how easy it is to find your bot.

Customers can use bots inside of apps they are already using. Chatbots will be simple to take advantage of. However, consumers are also likely to face chatbot ads and promotions, the way they see Facebook ads today.

Chatbots are the New Web

Web 2.0 featured the rise of a variety of user-friend features and development. Things like video sites, blogs, and Craigslist took the internet from a search platform to an interaction platform.

Revolutionary chatbots are the next step. Customers are tired of downloading a new app for every business and company they follow. Even with increased storage on mobile devices, it can be difficult to carry everything you need.

Messenger platforms are also incredibly popular. Chat apps are passing even social media platforms in popularity and user retention. The price of mobile data is dropping. Chats offer a way to have individual and group conversations more privately than social media. Adding chatbots into these apps is a logical next step for businesses.

Are You Ready?

The rise of chatbots has major implications for both web design and application development. Instead of drop-down menus and site navigation, a single chatbot could take customers exactly where they want to go.

While this is undoubtedly convenient for consumers, it will require some rethinking for business. Fewer page clicks could mean fewer impulse purchases, or the need for more direct upsells.

If technology has shown us anything, it’s that you cannot ignore it and still succeed. If you would like help integrating revolutionary chatbots into your business, contact us today!

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