Consumer Behaviour: How do Consumers Search for Products Online?

Posted Jul 3rd, 2017

Consumer Behaviour: How do Consumers Search for Products Online?

How Consumer Behaviour Affects Online Shopping

Throughout the digital age, consumer behavior has continuously evolved. Discover the role that consumer behavior plays in online product searches.

Did you know that 79% of Americans shop online?

As technology continues to advance, consumers will continue to shift to online shopping.

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving in the digital space. It's crucial for business owners to know how these changes affect the ways customers search for products online.

Consumer Behaviour in a Nutshell

Changes in technology influence the ways consumers make purchases online all the time.

Consumer behavior is the study of ways that consumers select and buy goods and services. It also studies how consumers use and dispose of these products.

Consumer habits can have large effects on markets and the world.

Online shopping is convenient for consumers.

With online shopping, consumers have the ability to:

  • Research costs
  • Buy with the click of a mouse
  • Have products shipped to their door in little time

Due to this convenience, the number of online shoppers greatly outweighs the number of consumers who never shop online.

The Social Media Takeover

Many people use social media platforms in their personal and professional lives. 

In fact, there are 1.28 billion daily active Facebook users!

As people become increasingly social online, brands should do the same.

Brands can reach out to their customers in personalized ways on social media.

Research shows that 78% of consumers are influenced by social media when they decide to shop online. 

This trend will continue as virtual reality technology becomes more popular.

Social media influence on consumers strikes from different angles:

  • Social Circles: Social media allows people to keep up with trends that have an immediate effect on their purchasing decisions 
  • Other Consumers: Reviews on social media make it easy for consumers to research products. Then they can cross-check reviews with other brands and consumers.
  • Direct from Brands: Brands can laser target potential customers to offer them deals and special promotions with advertising.

Gain an understanding of social media's effects on consumer psychology. With it, you will be able to do proper research on your target market and competitors.

Tying It All Together

Consumer behavior in online shopping continues to change. Consider how all the pieces of your digital marketing plan work together. Adapt accordingly. 

For example, your SEO strategy can work hand-in-hand with your social media presence.

Backlinks to your website can increase your organic search ranking.

When you rank higher, consumers searching for specific keywords will see your products first.

Post links on social media regularly. Blog posts and special offers help drive traffic to your website.

Do you have an advertising budget? Google Adwords allows you to promote your products in Google Shopping.

Create campaigns with clear titles, images, and descriptions.

Watch your analytics for trends and work to improve your product campaigns as you learn. 

Social media can even impact your SEM strategy.

Potential buyers go the extra mile to research a product listed on Google Shopping. Positive reviews on platforms like Facebook will come in handy! 

Have you noticed a change in your customers' online shopping habits? How will you use knowledge of consumer behavior to improve your business? Let us know in the comments!

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