One day, likely over a few beers, a light bulb went off for partners Steve McNeill and Eric Pezik. It was one of those “aha” moments we have after tipping more than a few. Luckily, the next day, they actually remembered their “eureka” idea. WebInsight was born.

What led them to this discovery? Years earlier, they had launched Q4 Communications, a traditional marketing firm, but were well aware of the need to continually evolve to stave off competition. But as the marketplace grew increasingly crowded, there was an urgency to have that “big” idea.

Their deep discovery drew them closer to what was at the heart of the issue – how their clients not only attracted customers, but how could they engage and convert them into sales. This, they knew, was a departure from traditional marketing, which was concerned with getting attention. Conversion was left to the business.

That, they knew, was wrong. A marketing agency today has a greater responsibility to help their clients drive sales. It takes that extra bit of thinking, and work, to take a client to the next level – and that’s the kind of thinking Steve and Eric have brought to their clients all along.

Decisions based on data - not guesswork!

So, here we are, with WebInsight, a unique and game-changing program that has sprung from the critical, strategic thinking that has helped Steve and Eric succeed and grow. The key to their evolution has been strategy, understanding cutting-edge technology, how to best utilize the latest digital tools and the importance of relevant content.


Eric Pezik - Co-Founder & Digital Marketing StrategistEric, being the youngest of the two, has a full grasp of emerging online tools, software capabilities and effective online strategies.

Eric had a traditional start. His talent caught the attention of numerous agencies and over time he achieved the level of Creative Director by working his way through various ad agencies and in-house marketing firms throughout the GTA.

As a Creative Director, he has close to two decades of experience developing marketing campaigns for many high-end brands. As an expert in concept and strategy development, Eric has a proven ability to motivate, inspire and deliver superb creative work under tight deadlines.

Eric’s journey took him deeper and deeper into the cyber world where he witnessed how technical advancements were disrupting how we market in the future.

Responding to the changes, he strove to stay ahead of the curve and ensure clients maintain a competitive edge. Relying on his determination and drive, Eric is the principal architect of WebInsight.

Steve McNeill - Co-Founder & Content Development Strategist

Steve spent most of his career in daily newspapers, but left when he saw the future of print media. A rigid, corporate structure also didn’t fit well with his entrepreneurial spirit. Why it took him 30 years to come to his senses is puzzling, but we’re glad he did.

Since his departure from mainstream media in 2002, Steve has worked with medium-sized businesses to multi-national corporations, helping them improve their image, reputation, employee relations and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

Steve continues to think outside the box – not an easy task for an old guy. After his naps, he works closely with clients to develop strategies that firmly position them as leaders in their respective fields.

Fully aware of the power of WebInsight, Steve’s main responsibility is to help clients take full advantage of this unique program.

Of course, they are not alone. Their strength is having assembled a skilled, adaptable and talented team who can guide their clients through a complex, crowded marketplace to gain the competitive edge and remain leaders in their industry.

Their team of professionals utilize decades of experience in marketing, content development and digital know-how to build winning strategies. Our team members are experts in their respective fields, giving you a powerful force to fulfill your goals.

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